Custom Map & Monuments

Brand new THE EARTH - APOCALYPSE Map. We hope to bring a more Just Survive feel to the Server using this map. It includes Zombies, Cities, Towns, and custom monuments for you to explore. Click to find out everything you need to know and prepare yourself for this enormous map!

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Custom Plugins

We are using quite a few plugins that make this server more fun especially because of the size of the map!
First of all, we have an in game store where you can buy many items to help you progress. (in-game /s)
You can spawn your very own Mini Copter every 30 mins to help you get around and get in the action faster!, Quick Smelting, Backpacks, SAM Site Auth ( no more getting shot down by your own SAM Turret!!! )
So much more!

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VIP Kits

We have put together some pretty awesome V.I.P. Kits for you. Help support the server and growth of new servers! All of your support goes directly into the server so grab a V.I.P. kit today and jump start the chaos!

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