Change-log 1/17/20

Change-log 1/17/20  


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31/01/2020 4:41 am  

Plugin updates :

TPR/home issue fixed,
Backpacks update - 1 per person. cannot store in box,
Auto teleport fixed for friends / clans / team,
Added new /info help text and rules (all servers),
Updated most plugins to newer version

Map improvements :

Added new buildings - Lost Factory, Dock and Heist Location in the UK area,
Added bunker, misc tower in Eastern Africa,
Fixed multiple rock formation where you could fall in and get stuck,
Fixed where you would instantly die running along walls in Greenland Ice cave,
Added new boss (El Toro The Mexican) with his mercenaries @ the bridge heist,
Added new NPC’s within the map (changed load out of scientists[FBI at airfield, Russians in Russia, police officers around the map])