Change-log 1/31/20

Change-log 1/31/20  


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31/01/2020 5:43 pm  

1/31/2020 CHANGELOG
- Fixed wipe script for Vanilla server!
- Fixed an issue with supply drops (All Custom Servers)!
- Fixed an issue with Vanilla Server Backups!

⚠️ - Updated Shop (removed items from shop). (Custom 1000x)
⚠️ - Buffed the health of Scientists in the Antarctica plane Hangar. (Custom 1000x)
⚠️ - Lock-on Rockets were nerfed for player damage. (Custom 1000x)
⚠️ - Updated the server banner on all servers. (All Servers)
⚠️ - Added a wipe delay on all VIP kits. (All Servers)
⚠️ - Updated all server descriptions. (All Servers)
⚠️ - Added Combat Block.
⚠️ - Added QR-Codes to the info panel.
⚠️ - Updated Rules in the Info panel.
⚠️ - Removed the Plane Crash Event. (Custom 1000x) (Temporary)
⚠️ - Removed the Deep Sea Event. (Custom 1000x) (Major Bug) (Temporary)
⚠️ - Added Skinbox, Lock-on rockets and Clan Menu to all other servers.
⚠️ - Clans plugin updated to latest release. (all servers)

- Backpacks not fixed as of yet (Still Waiting on Developer)
- Friends plugin with health bar (Still Waiting on Developer)

What still needs to be done:
- Nerf NPC loot once more
- Keep plugins up-to-date