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Change log (2x server) 4/8/20  


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13/04/2020 10:42 pm  

========================================================== Changelog 2x Server 4/8/2020 ==========================================================
- Added rules plugin. Type /rules to view them
- Added timed events for Cargo, helicopter, chinook and Bradley They will spawn randomly between 45min and 2 Hours.
- Shorter nights! Nights should only last about 5 minutes now.
- PM was added last wipe! - /pm username - /r to reply
- Added /online command to view current online players and sleepers.
- If you're crafting and the server restarts it should save your crafting queue now.

⚠️ - Changed group limit size to 6 man now.

We will be increasing the population as the server grows. We used to have 70 slots but since we changed host, we lost a little bit of players, Trying to get back up there. Once we achieve the 70 slot mark, I will start making VIP kits for the server. Ex: Sign Artists, Skinbox, Custom Outfits and special name tags. Let me know what you would like to have as a perk for the 2x Server Vip Kit.