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13/04/2020 11:13 pm  

Server rules:

1.) Only 4 players allowed on code locks, TC, and auto turrets.
2.) Only 4 owners of bags/beds allowed in a base/compound (same owners as on the TC).
3.) No more than 4 players allowed to group up at any point in the game (includes: in your base, roaming, PVP, raiding).
4.) No griefing bases; including after a raid is over (unless you plan to take it over as your main base).
Griefing is classified as:
-a.) Blocking a player in their base or area where they are not able to get out.
-b.) Taking over a base you do not plan to use it as your main base.
--After a raid, you should remove or unlock the code locks.
5.) No slurs, racism or excessive toxicity.
6.) English only in global chat.
7.) Respect the staff.
8.) No hacking, glitching or exploiting.
9.) No doxing.
10.) No giving away bases.
11.) No door camping!

Notice regarding alliances: Neutrality is permitted, alliances are not. Neutrality is permitted, where two separate groups do not actively assist each other (in combat or otherwise).