Just Survive Rust – Server Plugins

Here at JSR (Just Survive Rust) we decided that we wanted to make a server similar to another server we loved playing on but we wanted to make it even more fun and adventurous for all the players.  We have A LOT of things to cover.  Please let us know if you have any suggestions on our Discord Server.

My Minicopter

The map is enormous. Let’s get real there is a lot of room to cover on foot. So we wanted all the players on the server to be able to fly around and get from place to place more easily than maybe finding a copter on the road or scrap heli in a random place.  All you have to do is type /mymini to spawn a heli next to you or type /nomini and despawn it.  If you crash it or it gets destroyed you will have to wait 30 mins to get one again. You can only spawn one at a time.  So no you can’t horde them!

In Game Store / Economy 

We wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to get what they needed at any time. We also wanted to make certain items obtainable from the store. For instance you can buy a Scrap Helicopter! The M249 is also in the store along with all of the other guns. You can also buy the Juggernaut Raiding Suit too! This is a special item used by only the ELITE raiders. Will you be an ELITE raider and get one too?

Auth SAM Site

If you are Authorised on TC.. You will not get shot at when you are flying your heli near your own base!

Elite Heavy Raiding Suit

The Elite Raiding suit is something we want everyone to know exists. These can only be found in the in game store. Bullet damage is decreased by 75% and Explosion damage is decreased by  50%. This means you can take a rocket to the face during a counter or the defense of the base you’re raiding! Prices are subject to change without notice.

Clans / Clan FF

This plugin allows you to create clans, edit them, invite friends and show the list of the clan. You can also toggle clan friendly fire on and off. /clan


You now have the ability to add friends /friend add <player>  when you do this and are in the same group, you will now be able to see health bars above you and your friends. Know whos under fire and who needs to be healed!

Auto Doors / Locks

Set a timer for your doors, /ad 5 will make it so they close in 5 seconds. This goes all the way up to 15 seconds. If you have a lock in your inventory it will auto place on your door with a predetermined code. 

Teleport / Auto Teleport

Everyone knows this one! /tpr , /tpc, /tpa. ALSO if you are in the same clan you will automatically accept your clan mates request! NO MORE TPA!


Everyone can have a backpack now! /backpack. There are varying sizes. Default is 3 Rows. VIP is from 4 to 7 rows!

VIP – Bgrade

VIP – Players may choose to build in any material. /bgrade 1,2,3. Wood, Stone, Metal!
Only Elite VIP members are authorized to use the /bgrade 4